«Can you draw the house of my dreams?»

Raccontin was born to tell stories through illustrations, aiming to imbue value in the everyday, in the smallest details, and in dreams. The concept is that each home or everyday object reminds you of something beautiful or simply inspires you to invent a story.

I always say that all of this began in Italy, where I encountered such delightful landscapes and people that somehow sparked a need to start Raccontin, trying to capture those little and beautiful things in life.

But I also think that all of this was already within me since childhood, just waiting (perhaps) for an experience of that kind and the courage to do it without any complexes or fear, and to let everything guide you. That courage to do it came from a little nudge disguised in a single question, "Can you draw the house of my dreams?" A question to which, naively, I responded with a drawing of a small house, unaware that it was actually (a bit) more technical.

What I love most about doing this is the experimentation, the freedom of the moment, inventing stories, playing, becoming a child again, and forgetting about the clock for a while.

I also enjoy sharing it because hopefully (and I hope so) it can resonate with your landscapes and people ☻

Oh, my name is Agustín, and I'm living on a very beautiful island ☻☻

Regarding my work

The illustrations have two components: an analog one, where I use Gouache and occasionally colored pencils, and a digital one to create the scene and add unique little details to each illustration. Color and texture are vital aspects of what I do, and they are achieved most effectively in the analog phase, while the digital stage allows me to refine the details.

My illustrations draw most of their inspiration from Mediterranean architecture. With the facades and some interiors/exteriors that I illustrate, I aim to highlight unique yet anonymous aspects of houses and enjoy the idea of adding a story behind them, which can be seen in the details. I also like to do the opposite, starting from a premise, connecting disparate ideas, and creating illustrations based on that.

However, I believe that everything revolves around very specific ideas: home, childhood, memories, and nature.

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